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Connecting the industry through the shared mission of creating a value-based healthcare ecosystem with high-quality outcomes at a reasonable cost.

The MTVA Alliance connects employers, health plans, healthcare organizations deeply rooted in healthcare, and move-to-value frontline pioneers to learn, share ideas, concerns, best practices, and raise questions and concerns they have in the path to value based healthcare (VBH). 

The MTVA has become a trusted and reliable source of current and provocative information for the healthcare value agenda at the state and national levels. The ideas and exchanges within this community over the years have continually triggered actions that have measurably accelerated our mission and that of value based healthcare. 


Join the MTVA in disrupting the status-quo and advancing the mission to support a value-based healthcare ecosystem. MTVA provides open access to information and resources.


When you join the Alliance, you'll have first-access to the growing library of content, including recordings of webinars, articles, data, news, and more.

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Stay up-to-date with all the latest from the MTVA and connect with value-based healthcare industry thought leaders, peers and employers on the Moving to Value Alliance's LinkedIn.

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Sponsor and individual contributions to Moving to Value Alliance (a 501c3 organization) allow us to cover operating expenses, recruit relevant and provocative speakers for ongoing programs, and the annual symposium, and continue to produce valuable and actionable content, including webinars and this podcast, to educate the masses on the path to a healthcare system that is focused on high-quality outcomes at a reasonable cost.

Moving to Value Alliance Supporting Organizations:

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