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2022 Moving to Value Alliance Annual Symposium

Be a part of MTVA's annual in-person one-and-a-half-day gathering in Hartford, CT to learn from national and regional healthcare experts, thought leaders, policymakers, employers and providers on the latest in policy, challenges, and resources supporting the move to value mission. Special packages for teams and brokers are available. 

MTVA Live Events



MTVA’s in-person forums, webinars, and the annual Moving to Value Symposium are prime opportunities to reconnect, share news, stories from the field, and innovative ideas among like-minded peers facing similar challenges. 


Watch or Listen On-Demand:

PART ONE: The Critical Importance of Data in Taking Agency Over Your Plan

Getting and owning your data.

PART TWO: Acting On and Using Your Data

... in a way most relevant to your plan beneficiaries’ health needs.

PART THREE: Plan Optimization

Understanding available and appropriate resources

PART FOUR: Success Stories from Employers

Real employers large and small talk about how they tackled construction of their made-to-fit plans and the valuable returns they have seen.


The Role of the Primary Care Provider in Disease Prevention and Management in a Value-Based World

Healthcare industry leaders and value-based-healthcare champions Dr. Garry Welch (Silver Fern Healthcare), Dr. John Rodis (Arista Health), Dr. Kenny Cole (Ochsner Health)  and Dr. Bill Bestermann (Congruity Health) discuss keeping or returning patients to the bottom two tiers of the spend pyramid by primary prevention of chronic conditions and secondary prevention of the complications by optimal medical therapy.

Available On-Demand 

MTVA Disruptor

Payment Reform is Working, and These Disruptors are Taking Advantage of It

Available On-Demand 

Payment Reform is Working, and These Disruptors are Taking Advantage of It

A panel discussion and Q&A with Dan Blumenthal (CEO, Novocardia), Ian Chiang (Partner, Flare), and Sam Holliday (CEO, Oshi Health), as they discuss how payment reform is tied to their success and share potential obstacles that MTVA’s multi-stakeholder groups can help.

Christin Deacon MTVA Friday Forum

Available On-Demand

Understand what employers need to do to radically change and improve access, quality, and outcomes for health consumers.

A discussion with Christin Deacon, Health Care Leader and Public Sector Entrepeneaur at 4C Health Solutions

What Matters Most in the Move to Value Movement

MTVA Disrupting Healthcare_edited.jpg

We can do more.
We need your help.

Sponsor and individual contributions to Moving to Value Alliance (a 501c3 organization) allow us to cover operating expenses, recruit relevant and provocative speakers for ongoing programs, and the annual symposium, and continue to produce valuable and actionable content, including webinars and this podcast, to educate the masses on the path to a healthcare system that is focused on high-quality outcomes at a reasonable cost.

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