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In order to sustain and continue to grow this community and foster change, we need your help.

We can do more. We need your help to do it.

Your contributions to MTVA allow us to cover operating expenses, recruit relevant and provocative speakers for ongoing programs and the annual symposium, and continue to produce valuable and actionable content to educate the masses on the path to a healthcare system that is focused on high-quality outcomes at reasonable cost.


MTVA started as a 5-person "working group" in 2017 has evolved, and in 2022 has become a non-profit organization with more than 300 members in the online community and even more contributing to content programs, with engagement continuing to grow by the week and following every event. Over the last few years, we have produced three 2-day Symposia and 14 webinars including insightful presentations from regional and national healthcare leaders, and multiple stories affecting change.

Your support is essential in MTVA's progress to support movement to a value-based healthcare ecosystem.

Ways to Support MTVA



Your contribution fuels MTVA's initiatives across the board as we create conversation and education in creating a value-based healthcare ecosystem with the highest quality health outcomes at a reasonable cost.



Align your brand and stand out as a key piece of the puzzle in the move-to-value initiative. Select from these  sponsorship packages designed to you give you powerful thought leadership and engagement opportunities with our unique community.

Customize Your Support

Customize Your Support

Have a vision of how you'd like to support MTVA's work to foster discussion and produce valuable and actionable content to educate the masses and make change? Let's talk it through.  

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