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Support the Movement to Value-Based Healthcare.
Join the Moving to Value Alliance as a Trade Member.

Join the MTVA in disrupting the status quo and advancing the mission to support a value-based healthcare ecosystem. 


Trade Members of MTVA play a vital role in advancing our mission of creating a value-based ecosystem with high-quality patient outcomes at a reasonable cost. Member support and annual dues help us enrich the healthcare environment with quality content, a growing network of influencers, and robust platforms to fuel discussion, collaboration, and advocacy that lead to ground-breaking solutions. 

The MTVA Trade Member program aims to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for our partners to engage with our diverse community of members and supporters. Membership not only demonstrates a commitment to MTVA's mission but also provides valuable visibility and exposure among our network of members spanning more than 40 states.

​MTVA Trade Members include:

  • Health Systems

  • Purchasing Coalitions

  • Insurers

  • Insurance Broker/Broker/Consultants/Independent TPAs

  • Provider Groups

  • Service Provider/Pharma

  • Government Agencies

  • Educational Institutions

MTVA Trade Member benefits:


  • Alliance with the mission of the Moving to Value Alliance, including involvement in various upcoming initiatives.


  • Opportunity to place one of your organization's individuals on the MTVA Growth and Strategy Committee for work on alliance initiatives, such as content development, marketing, financial stability, and audience development.  


  • Opportunity to provide one educational (non-promotional) content piece for the MTVA Employer Resource Library (to be launched in Fall, 2024) This is an opportunity to utilize your subject matter experts to provide valuable tips, tools, and guidance for employers in the transition and maintenance of a value-based healthcare benefit model.


  • Use of MTVA Trade Member symbol on digital and print media during the membership term.


  • Access for two of the organization's employees to MTVA’s Employer Resource Library of Content (upon launch) - including Value-Based Healthcare guides, downloads, articles, infographics, and more.


Annual dues: $5,000

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